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Transaction finalized: Filc is part of Freudenberg Group

Freudenberg acquires 100 percent of the shares of Filc

Filc is a producer of needle punch nonwoven textiles. Our picture shows a needle board for processing the nonwovens. Image: Freudenberg Performance Materials

Weinheim, Germany / ?kofja Loka, Slovenia. January 14, 2020. Effective December 31, 2019, Freudenberg, the global technology group acquired 100 percent of Filc shares. The purchase agreement was signed in November. The relevant Austrian antitrust authorities approved the acquisition at the end of December. Filc produces needle punch nonwoven textiles and laminated materials primarily for the automotive and construction industries. The company has roughly 360 employees at three sites in Slovenia and a sales office in Dayton, OH, USA. Filc will be integrated into the Freudenberg Performance Materials Business Group and will continue trading under the name Filc for the time being.

Background information 
“With the acquisition, we want to further strengthen our performance materials business, and expand our portfolio and technological footprint in Eu-rope,” says Dr. Mohsen Sohi, Freudenberg Group CEO. 

Further Expansion of its Needle Punch Business
“Filc has great needle punch know-how which we will benefit from, especially in terms of composites. Filc′s exceptionally good adhesive coating abilities will allow us to offer customer solutions in adjacent segments in the construction business,” explains Dr. Frank Heislitz, Freudenberg Performance Materials CEO. “In addition, we will expand our technical expertise in acoustics, both in construction and automotive, and provide customers a broad technology portfolio with lamination, printing, and coating,” says Heislitz. 

“Becoming part of a globally active company offers an opportunity for regional and global expansion of our business. In addition, sharing our expertise in technology will be crucial to scale up our growth,” adds An?e Manfreda, CEO of Filc. The company was founded in 1937 and has been in the nonwovens business since 1963. Freudenberg has a long-standing global footprint and the broadest technology platform in the nonwovens industry and is thus an ideal partner for Filc. 

Values and Customer Focus in common
As a privately-owned company, Filc has very similar values and guiding principles to Freudenberg. Both companies have a strong focus on customers and innovation, as well as on people for finding the right solutions.

About Freudenberg Performance Materials

Freudenberg Performance Materials is a global manufacturer of innovative technical textiles offering differentiated value propositions to a broad range of applications such as apparel, automotive, building materials, energy, filter media, healthcare, hygiene, building interiors, shoe and leather goods as well as specialties. In 2018, the company generated sales of more than €920 million and had 23 manufacturing sites in 13 countries and more than 3,600 associates. Freudenberg Performance Materials attaches great importance to social and ecological responsibility. For more information, please visit www.freudenberg-pm.com

About Filc

Filc is a producer of needle punch nonwoven textiles and laminated materials with a focus on the auto-motive and construction industry. The company is privately-owned and was founded in 1937. Filc is headquartered in ?kofja Loka (north of Ljubljana), Slovenia. The state-of-the-art production facility is also in ?kofja Loka. The company has two more production sites at the former headquarters in Menge? and Lendava, Slovenia. Filc has been in the nonwovens business since 1963 and has roughly 360 employees. For more information please visit www.filc.si